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Skyrim upgrade


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So with my recent purchase of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim I figured i might as well upgrade my Graphics card. its a ATI 6570 Radeon HD card and i was thinking i would go to a least 6870.

Current Specs in attachment from my dxdiag. i also have a 350W power supply that i would most likely need to upgrade to, i am thinking, a 500 W at least.


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The AMD Radeon 6570 card is a good one. It is the latest generation of AMD Radeon cards.

Try the game with it before you consider any upgrades.

Personally, I would never upgrade from one card to another card of the same generation.

AMD Radeon 7xxx series is coming in the first quarter of next year...


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I have yet to get Skyrim, but I may end up upgrading my video card as well, but the other issue I have is that the fan is going out the door on it. So its not just a performance upgrade, but also a functionality upgrade. I have no doubts that Skyrim can run on my current video card, since it runs New Vegas just fine.

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