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ActiveX and Class Issues


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Looking at the second screenshot (for CCleaner) there doesn't seem to be anything to worry about.

The first item Unused File Extension {80b8c23c-16e0-4cd8-bbc3-cecec9a78b79} seems to appear if Avira Antivir is installed. The advice on the web is that it should be ignored.

The Invalid Default Icon and the Missing TypeLib Reference problem related to the GUID of {47A7A4B0-2723-41BA-865E-EBBB7081A602} are probably both remnants left over from an Adobe Reader 9 install, which has been badly uninstalled.

Do you have Avira AV installed?

Do you have Adobe Reader installed? If so, which version?

Finally, there's no good reason at all, outside a corporate network with a LOB application that requires it, to have IE 7 installed. Home users should have IE 8 installed (not IE 7 and not IE 6) always, even if you don't ever use it and you use Firefox, Chrome or Opera instead.



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At the time it happened I was loading the Samsung programme from a disk that came with the phone. Towards the end of the download a message came on my screen wanting to know if I wanted to update. Thinking it was part of the download I said yes. There was no indication that it had logged on to the Samsung website or any website for that matter.

At the end of the update my screen went black, a few seconds later a message popped up saying Fatal Error and then the computer re-booted. To try capture the message other than "Fatal Error" was extremly difficult as it happened so fast. This never happened before I downloaded the Samsung Programme.

At this point in time it seems to have only affected IE when I try log on to some websites and usually says something about ActiveX. As an example - when I try upload to Imageshack via IE, I get an error message (nothing uploaded or something to the effect) right at the end of upload. if I go via FireFox it takes longerr however without a problem. I have uploaded a screenshot of my event viewer and event viewer properties.

The warning that you see runs into about 8.5 pages long all more or less within a two/three minute time frame. If I look at the properties of the warning they are all the same throughout as per the properties screenshot.



Regards - Frank

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The first image showed a whole bunch of GUIDs, mostly for {C7CB459A-7261-4AE6-A87A-17041EE98A40}.

I don't know for sure but that's probably Google Toolbar / Google Updater.

However, what the image DOES show is what looks like (to me) TWO Anti-Virus program icons in the System Tray.

They look like the icons for both AVG and Avast!.

So, just how many Anti-virus programs are installed or have been installed on this computer?

I count three so far, but you can only have ONE installled at a time.

The event log (Event ID 57 repeated) is usually caused by disconnecting a disk drive without warning. This could be caused by:

  • Undocking a laptop when there's an external drive attached to the dock (such as an external USB or Firewire drive);
  • Pulling out the connection to any form of external drive (USB or Firewire) without first using the safe removal process (without using the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the System Tray area first);

To repair the affected drive, or drives, you should use chkdsk.

You can run the Chkdsk tool from the command prompt without shutting down the computer first. Click Start, click Run, and then type cmd. At the command prompt, type “chkdsk /F /X driveâ€, where drive is a letter plus colon (such as C: or D: or Z:)

Chkdsk runs and automatically repairs the volume. Repeat this step for each drive and external drive that is attached.

If the following message appears, type Y. “Cannot lock current drive. Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts?â€

That message wil normally appear for drive C:. It may appear for others. The next time the computer is started, Chkdsk will automatically run and check those drives whilst XP is starting up.


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Hi James/Mike

I will try keep it short but here are the sequence of events.


I had Avast on my old system which was causing problems

I tried to uninstall without success as it kept asking for a code

Eventually accessed the Avast website only to discover they had an uninstall "tool" (aswclear) to be done in safe mode

Downloaded aswclear, went to safe mode but still unable to uninstall?

Eventually out of frustration I used Revo uninstall in safe mode

After 4/5 attempts I finally removed Avast

I then had a problem with an essential programmes I need for work which wasn't working - something about a DLL file.

As this programme is very important to me I went to plan "B" BELOW


Decided not to fix the old hard drive at this point but revert back to it later

Bought a new hard drive and downloaded XP and other programmes.

The essential programme I need I had downloaded from scratch and now works

As I have both the old and new hard drives connected I strated a gradual transfer of files to my new hard drive

I then down loaded Samsung PC Studio from the disk that came with the cell phone and that is when I hIt the wall.

This is a new hard drive with minimal programmes and probably 10 days old (new) :)

I have Avira Antivirus and I have AVG

I actually liked Avast but after the uninstall problem with Avast (the most difficult uninstall I have ever done!) I decided not to download and re-install Avast. I don't know why Avast can't just have a normal uninstall like all other programmes or just give you the code? If you Google 'Uninstall problems with Avast' you will see there are many who have had similar problems.

I must admit I am a little wary to run the chkdsk on the new harddrive you suggest above as it may affect the programme I need. I may run it on my old harddrive seeing as that is where the problem started. If that is possible I may then try it on the new hard drive? I am also not sure why Avast would be showing up on this new hard drive as it was never downloaded?

The bottom line is Avast started this whole sorry mess followed on by the Samsung PC Studio issue

Regards - Impi

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I'm going to take a shot, the issue with Avast was one easily avoided... you didn't disable Avast's self-defense module before hand...? This one gets everybody if they don't read the manual ahead of time. As far as Avast was concerned, you were a virus trying to disable Avast, Avast was fighting you tooth & nail to prevent it from happening.

I would go a step further, disable every process - start with Windows, rootkit scan at startup, shut Avast down completely, then begin the removal process. I uninstalled 2 major versions of Avast, 4 & 5, never a problem.

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Thanks Mike - I now see it. All the programmes I have unstalled I have never had to go to these lengths. It has always been straight forward uninstall. In your opinion what do you think of Avast?

I have just uploaded the latest ActiveX error that just happened when I tried to access Lunarsoft via IE. I tried to get each section but ran out of space and could not get the technical information - read left to right to bottom.


Regards - Impi

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I like Avast, I've been using it since v4. I used AVG and liked it for a long time, but at one point the software became too troublesome. Avast is part of Tarun's Anti-Malware Toolkit ( AMT ). If you haven't yet, you may want to spend some time on the Lunarsoft Wiki, specifically the PC Security page. One site I visit is AV Comparatives just to see what the latest is with AV tools.

About IE7... What does Event Viewer have to say under Application about IE - anything? The bottom dialog box in the latest image, Error signature & Reporting details, shows a link to more technical information regarding this error, click the link if possible next time... What does it have to say?

Also, I updated the image in post #32 with a screenshot of Avast 5, the version I'm running - same Settings dialog just a better pic, smaller size, better resolution.

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I saw your post #32 screenshot of Avast 5 and I must admit I too like Avast and have always used it until this last incident. For now I don't want to download anything until I have stabalised my system.

I am not happy with IE even though I can't really blame it for what happened. I find I am going the FireFox route more and more to avoid these ActiveX problems. It has been suggested I should use Lunascape as a browser. According to their website they are about 20 times faster than IE7?

Does anyone know the Lunscape product?


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I get the sense that although Lunascape say they are more secure they are similar to IE and FireFox. They do have two features (crash protection) and (security management) that are interesting among other features - see http://www.lunascape.tv/Features/tabid/54/Default.aspx

I looked at HijackThis and I am a bit wary. I do not have the know-how and it seems this is for someone computer literate who knows what they are doing.

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