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Does anyone know any software which silently uninstalls junk software?

You always have to help friends with their s*** computers, and even if they just bought it, its already preloaded with a s*** ton of junk.

It can take hours to manually uninstall the junk (if even possible), with having to find it, determine if its junk, then manually confirm the uninstall one-by-one by clicking next, next, next.

A very boring, tedious process.

It should automatically and silently uninstall all toolbars, software of poor reputation, and commonly bundled useless junk.

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Have you tried PC Decrapifier?

No, I have not tried it.

Do you use it?

Is it something you would recommend?

Also, when I get computers like that, I just format and put the plain OS on.

Friends probably woulnd't appreciate if I wiped everything.

Also, when you buy a computer, Windows comes pre-loaded and you don't even get an installation CD!

So they don't even have any Windows CD to use for install.

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I used PC Decrapifier on my present computer last fall, after I discovered the BIOS wouldn't accept anything but an OEM install. I was very happy with the way it worked.

It will at least get rid of the "commonly bundled useless junk". It doesn't meet all your criteria, but I don't think any program in existence does.

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