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The way Youtube avoids Google's Pirate Penalty

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Google has announced that it will soon penalize sites that are repeatedly accused of copyright infringement. But one site in particular doesn't need to worry: Google's own YouTube. It has a unique immunity against the forthcoming penalty.

The penalty - which SearchEngineLand dubbed the Emanuel Update - impacts Google's web search results. If someone has reported a web search listing as being a copyright violation, using the DMCA takedown mechanism, that's a strike against the entire site.

Accumulate enough strikes (how many, Google's not saying), and a publisher may find their entire site hit with a penalty. Every page, whether it was reported for copyright infringement or not, will have less chance of ranking well.

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This f***ing sucks.

All sites should be treated equally, YouTube should not be exempt!

Also a search engine should not try be some moral judgement and penalize sites which content they disagree with.

A search engine should be neutral and find what I search.

A search engine should provide results that I want, not that they want.

Give customers what they want!

If they start with this s***, I'll be ditching Google search. Maybe for DuckDuckGo or Bing.

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