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Reinstallation of Windows 7 on New Hard Drive


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I can't seem to be able to complete the re-installation of windows. I inserted the system recovery Windows 7 home premium DVD and followed all prompts. It formatted the drive and did a partition. It worked fine until it got to the point where I got a window named "Windows Setup". It had the message Windows is now setting up the following items.

  • Preparing driver installation
  • Installing Drivers
  • Preparing software installation
  • Customizing software
  • Checking AC power
  • Verifying installation

The first item "Preparing driver installation: was check marked. When it got to the 2nd item Installing Drivers (It seemed to freeze at this point) I let the machine continue to see if it eventually would complete this section and it seemed to do nothing. Eventually I got a window that gave me the option to "restart". I did not mouse function and I tried hitting "enter" but nothing worked so I hit "Ctrl , Alt and Delete and restarted it this way. When it restarted I eventually got the following message "Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows, restart the installation. I did try the reinstallation a 2nd time and got the same results.

I tested the hard drive and it passed all tests. I used the seatools for DOS to test it.

Any help on how to resolve this is appreciated. Thanks.

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