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Pop-up Blocker?


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JMac is on XP SP2. I had to search to find out though.

However, this has just given me another idea. idea.gif

We could do with a thread where people can post their computer spec's, (and nothing else), so that we can easily refer to it when we need.

Anyway, for anyone not using XP and still using IE, do what I suggested above.

Anyone using XP and/or FF, then use AdblockPlus.

What about my idea for the Computer Spec's thread though?

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I dont know why, but i never get pop ups with either IE or Firefox. Lots of people i know get pop ups, but i think i the only time i got popups was when i first got my computer and didnt even know what a browser was. And even then it only happened a couple of times. hmmmmm.

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