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removing meteoroids

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i need help removing meteoroids

i entered Control panel and uninstalled meteoroids but it is still there and does not disappear every time i click uninstall

i tried to remove it from firefox using thte reset function in internet options with no joy


can anyone help bafore i go out of my F@*&ing mind or my head explodes with anoyance





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I found a few sites (a couple of them reputable) that have removal instructions for "Meteoroids", an adware that hooks itself into web browsers - perhaps that's what you have? It appears that you can remove it with AdwCleaner: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/adwcleaner.html


(I've used it myself, good program).<edit> see 2 posts down for details

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I should have read more carefully - I thought they were recommending MBAM as an extra scan after AdwCleaner (which is a good idea, actually). I have found that AdwCleaner removes some junkware that MBAM doesn't. Pretty safe - it gives the option to unselect programs you don't want deleted, and it quarantines those it does so you can restore them if needed.


My only knock on it is that it resets some Firefox preferences that are not a problem - and you can't unselect those changes. Nothing that can't be restored, but it is a pain. Worth it if you have stubborn adware that you can't remove otherwise, but might be better to try Malwarebytes  Anti-Malware  first.


My recommendation with AdwCleaner is to run a scan and see what it finds, skip the removal step if there's nothing important found.

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