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Interesting Day at Work

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Well I've only been on the floor at work now for 2 days and yesterday there was a guy that came into the store and knocked the front automatic doors off the hinges.

I came back from lunch right after that and then all of a sudden a customer started yelling and running towards the front door. Right in front of him the guy that prolly messed up the doors, came running past the register with a BIG BOX of "ridged" tools, (prolly around $800.00 worth) threw it in the back of a pick-up, jumped in and sped away. The customer ran out after him, got his description found it was a woman driver, and got the tag number. The cops were chasing her, she almost ran over a policeman directing traffic, she went on to another small town and the Police chief told these guys here to stop chasing her, it was out of their jurisdiction and they had her home address. soooooooooooooo they are soooooo busted.

Interesting day. This might be fun LOL

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Wow, thats crazy, and I thought your general shoplifters give you enough to talk about amongst your co-workers :cuddle:

So she actually had the guts (and lack of brain) to try and outrun the cops, get a criminal record, be sued, and possibly jailed over an 800.00 tool set? **** :hug:

Take it easy,


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Pictures? Hell I was hiding beHIND the cash register!!! LMAO No, I gave the PD the discription and all.

And "Ryan" not to mention she about ran over a police officer directing traffic.

What an id***!!!!

I guess they got them, I'm not sure, but we'll soon see :cuddle:

corjello? Thanks hun, it's been a "REAL" experience so far :hug:

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maybe you should carry some pepperspray, but then if you use it on a customer they might turn around and sue you.



Ya know, I usually carry a gun, but they won't even allow that on the parking lot in my car. If I bring pepper spray I have to keep it in my locker or be fired. Hmmmmmm, guess if that guy had had a gun, then who knows, our other customer might have been shot. Also that guy never got close enough to me to get sprayed :(

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