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I'd rather have something function properly for all browsers.


PHP is actually very useful in that way because you can make things like variable style sheets and because PHP is serverside it does not require the browser to do anything except display the output and this can be very useful :-)

When I design a website I have to design two stylesheets (IE, Everything else mostly), using UA string identification you can then switch the sheet as required per browser :-) Even though IE can escape these by Masking its UA string its not possible for it to mask this test:


  if (stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'application/xhtml+xml'))


    # Using Firefox or any brower that supports the application/xhtml+xml mime-type.




    # Not using Firefox, Opera, safari. Probably IE, Netscape or a text mode browser.



Which can be very useful sometimes :-)


Ryan Jones

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i havent a clue what you all are talking about.


G'day LOTW,

then you'd best catch up if you're looking at making your own site........ :D

It's not that hard to understand, as I'm self taught on website designing, not that my sites are the greatest, but it is rewarding doing it yourself knowing that you did it all yourself. :shocking:

Cheers :D

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G'day CapMan,

of the original site I built for my better half (Tupperware Down Under) some three years ago with FrontPage it sadly no longer exists as head office of Tupperware hounded her to close the site (this is in Australia) stating that Tupperware does NOT advertise over the web.

This was in fact an outright lie as there was a web presence, however, only in the US but nothing as yet in Australia.

Here's some 20/20 hindsight....

If I'd kept the site up for another 2 months I've got a feeling that they'd have offered me a deal to close it down.

My reasoning behind this is that the site was getting over 100 hits per day and was generating a lot of work (money) for my wife and after having closed the site down within 3 months Tupperware had a website up for Australia.

Oh well, once bitten, twice shy. I'll know better next time.

As for my current site, it's here --> Phoenix Warriors <--

However I must admit that I did NOT script this. I'd gotten sick of trying to make an overarching site but was getting stymied as I'm not that fluent with Php and found PhpNuke which offered everything I wanted on my site, with a myriad of mods and add-ons. The current site, for those interested is built on PhpPlatinum with most of the security holes closed.

Cheers :shocking:

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Thats not a bad site. Although, i never really like PHP-nuke. I usually coded many things myself, and never personally prefered php-nukes. I also have a couple of sites up of my own, but i mostly help out with a few companies here and there. Sometimes they use my material sometimes they dont. The usual online web businesses.

I was also self taught. Which in my opinion is a good way to go only being 15 im able to schedule my own time to work on scripts and etc. And difficult trying to setup my webhosting company. Although my new hobbie here, is to help out with members at lunarsoft.net. :shocking:

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