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Ugly babies

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A women gets on a bus and goes to put money into the change holder. The bus driver says to her" Thats the ugliest baby i have ever seen!".

The women is indignant, but doesnt say anything as she needs to stay on the bus to get to her destination.

She sits down next to an elderly gentleman. She is in a huff, and the elderly man asks her" what is the matter"?

She explains to him the rude behaviour of the bus driver.

He says to her" You should go tell him how you feel about that".

She agrees and says" I am going to do that right now".

The elderly gentleman says" Here, let me hold your pet monkey while you get up".


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True story:

I had a friend when I was kid that was physically attacked by a monkey. The monkey attacked her, and when the police came it was hilarious. There were police running around with blankets and bananas chasing this monkey around the neighbourhood trying to catch it.

One of those memories of childhood you never forget. :shocking:

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