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An easy program to modify start-up apps


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Hey everyone... check out this app... It allows you to easily modify the registry, so you can determine which programs are activated at startup. It has a simple interface, is super-tiny (59KB), and installs in seconds.

There are two versions, one which creates a Control Panel Icon, and another that is a standalone application (that one is about half the size). I've had an awesome experience with it, it works perfectly, definitely cutting down on the time needed to boot up my PC (ever since I built it, the boot times have been getting slower... and slower... and slower...).

The only problems I've had is sometimes, it looks like the "Disable" function doesn't seem to work, but you can remedy that by simply deleting it. There is also a tab called "trash" from which you can restore any important programs (IE, AV scanners, internet connection progs, etc.) Also, the tabs are a little weird for my liking (it looks like they keep swapping places :D , but in general, it's one of my new favorite programs :shocking:


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Or you could use msconfig?

just as i was thinkin

one side note, DO NOT use msconfig for disabling of services, i've heard bad things happening because of that. but you should never disable any services unless instructed by an expert like me or tarun :shocking:

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