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registry cleaning


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Honestly, i think most people will tell you that ccleaners reg analyzer does a good enough job. Cleaning your registry speeds up your computer to an extent. But if you go to far, it wont work at all. Most agree that cleaning the registry is only done if you want, because of the seriouseness of the consiquences (sp?) if you screw it up.


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I use TuneUp Utilities 2006-and it rocks! Its not freeware, but worth every penny. Easy to use, lots and lots of features, and does all kinds of neat stuff. And it explains all the stuff it will do before doing it. :shocking:

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I uue CCleaner Issues Scanner, and the following programs:

Registry First Aid

Very [owerful but extremely safe to use unlike other registry cleaners, this finds only things worth deleting and won't screw up your system - it will just make it better!



A powerful registry searching program, doen't clean things as such, but good for tech's.



"This program will help you increase the speed of your WindowsXP system by optimizing the system's registry hives. These hives are files on your system that Windows stores program settings and other system information in. They are crucial to the operation of your computer's operating system and the speed at which they can be accessed will effect system and program performance."


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