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Hosts.txt Add File

Ma TriX 0978

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Well, i was doing my usual Hosts.txt file update. And when i ended up doing this. My computer went crazy, wouldnt load anything at all. So i had to go to Run>>cmd>> and use DEL command to delete the hosts.txt file. It was a pain. Lucky i was able to fix it.

So for those using the Hosts.txt file, I would FULLY recommend it. But if it works for you then dont load too many lines in it. Mine became over 1mb. :)

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I read up on that and couldn't quite get it to work. A tutorial would be cool. :sick:

I also think a section should be devoted to requests for such things. Might eliminate alot of  unnecessary posts.


I totally agree with this, I flicked over to the link and am clearer on what it does, but what I want to know is how do I make this work?

Cheers :)

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