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Windows Defender


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Give this a shot.

    Workaround for the installer bug if you are not running non-English Windows version:
  1. (Start -> Run...) net localgroup Users /add
  2. Install WindowsDefender.msi.
  3. (Start -> Run...) net localgroup Users /delete
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Is all of your Real-Time protection turned off? (from other programs...antivirus, teatimer?) Maybe even turn off your firewall for a minute?

Have you tried to install in Safe Mode? Is your user account the Administrator?

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Ten bucks says it's something simple being overlooked.  Headaches ftw!  x.x


I agree. I just can't figure out what is being overlooked.

I'm searching Majorgeeks right now, but it's so huge it takes forever.

($10 on the table, and it goes to donations) :unsure:

@JMac I'll let you know if I find anything.

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* Turn off Norton, firewall, real-time.

* Language needs to match the language of OS.

* Uninstall Giant Antispyware

* Need 20MB of free HD space.

* Problem connecting to a domain controller on the network.

* Disable e-mail scanning.

Check out this link.

Download from Softpedia (Less Mis...)

What's are your errors?

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