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Outpost rocks!


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I finally managed to talk my brother into letting me remove Norton from our main work computer yesterday, (only took me about a year of nagging).

Anyway he said to me "sort the computer out it is really running slow", so I said to him "ok, I will get rid of Norton then". I was only joking though because I didn't think he would let me.

But he said "ok, just make sure everything else is up to date then", so I said to him "just making sure everything else is up to date is not going to do anything, we still need a firewall and anti-virus", so then he said "just leave Norton on then and do whatever else to speed it up".

I ignored him at this point and downloaded Avast and Zonealarm, uninstalled Norton, installed avast and Zonealarm and then started to get our other computer connected to the internet again, which is connected using ICS.

Anyway I couldn't get it to connect, so today I upgraded Zonealarm to the Pro trial version, spent a few more hours on it, but still got no joy, so I uninstalled it and downloaded and installed the Outpost Pro trial version, everything went smooth enough, so I went over to the other computer, it connected to the internet straight away.

I am now converted and think that Outpost rocks.

Tomorrow he reckons he is going to buy a router, whether he does or not remains to be seen, but if he does then I will let the trial version run out and then stick the free version on.

Whilst I was at it I got rid of Quicktime and Realplayer and put the alternatives on, and also got rid of Adobe Reader and put Foxit on.

I then told him we are going over to Firefox and Thunderbird next, might take a bit more nagging yet though.

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I have never tried eTrust, but was a dedicated avg user for years, changed to Avast sometime before last December (only know that because I checked my December desktop post).

Am liking Avast so far, not had any viruses yet, so I don't know how well it will cope.

I am still putting avg on other peoples computers at the moment though until I have used Avast for a bit longer.

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Stop All is like a failsafe for your connection. if you suspect that you are being attacked you can select Stop All to stop all traffic to and from your computer. you can restart the connection as normal just be selecting another policy without any porblems from the Stop All mode.

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right click on the Outpost icon in the task tray

now click on options

click Application

now im guessing that Hydra is in the Blocked applications catagory or even the Partialy allowed applications catagory. right click on Hydra where ever it's located and select Always trust this application. now Hydra should have no problems with connecting to the internet.

if Hydra is not located in the applications list anywhere click "Add" while you are still in Applications and navigate to where you have Hydra saved. once you have found the Hydra folder open it up. find Hydra.exe and highlight it, now click Add. once you do that you can difine the rules. and that should be it.

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