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Avast! Home Edition 4.7.817


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Avast! 4 Home Edition is a full-featured antivirus package designed exclusively for home users, non-commercial users. Home Edition is free of charge, since in our opinion, it is possible to avoid global virus spreading by efficient prevention; however, many user are not able or do not want to pay for antivirus software.

# further improved Standard Shield speed under Windows XP (generally, less files are scanned)

# Standard Shield: improved compatibility with Microsoft Office (particularly, saving of Excel documents on network shares)

# mail scanner now doesn't show Timeout Expired messages; the program was modified so that the respective timeout can be controlled by the mail client itself

# mail scanner: solved problem with the mail client reporting expired timeouts when sending larger emails via slow connectections

# mail scanner: fixed problem with delays during IP address reverse-lookup

# mail scanner: fixed displaying of tray icon

# P2P Shield: added support for Winny2 and Google Talk

# Web Shield: improved compatibility with Win9x

# transition to new data storage - avast does not need the ODBC/Jet drivers anymore and should therefore work better even under older versions of Windows (95/98/ME, NT4)

# fixed a bug in the Script Blocker module that was causing conflicts with some programs under non-English Windows (e.g. the German invoice system Lexware)

# added support for additional executable packers (e.g. MoleBox)

# fixed a bug that was sometimes causing very slow scanning of CAB archives

# boot-time scanner: added support for additional archives (GZ, BZIP2, TAR, LHARC, ZOO)

# improved handling of infected files with exotic filenames

# solved a problem with setting of incorrect access rights to the avast executable files

# removed a limit of maximal length of winpopup alerts (used to be 128 characters)

# Enhanced User Interface: infected items are now marked as red

# implemented new method of deleting of locked infected files (now using the boot-time scanner technology)

# this new version is now compatible with the Windows Disk Protection feature from Microsoft Shared Computing Toolkit.

# Avast should now work flawlessly with Windows Vista beta 2 and higher (Vista beta 2 will be released in the first half of May, i.e. in about 3 weeks); unfortunately, in beta1 + CTP builds <= 5342 there still can be serious OS stability issues

Download Avast! Home Edition 4.7.817

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  • Administrator

I don't see anything good coming from Grisoft (AVG) buying ewido. I have a strong feelnig the product will decline rapidly. AVG can find viruses, but not clean or remove them properly. Imagine how that will affect ewido.

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What are folks thoughts on Avast?  Is it as good as Etrust or better yet again?

All feedback greatly appreciated.

Cheers :)


i am giving some of my personal views... hope you guys dont mind...

Avast Home over eTrust

- free, no yearly subscription fees required...

- IDS (Intrusion Detection System)

- additional protections such as P2P, IM etc...

- detect adware, spyware and dialers

- more configuration options compared to eTrust...

- international languages...

- support 64bits OS...

eTrust over Avast Home

- simple and user-friendly interface...

- automated, doesnt require user interaction most of the time...

- light on system resources...

but both are great! :P

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G'day folks,

well, I downloaded Avast yesterday as I was having some major issues with my system, ie; running ultra slow and not loading everything.

After having run Ewido it found 25 malicious programs and successfully cleaned/removed them.

I then did a quick check of my file structures/directories and found a few Toolbar.exe files in the root directory, ran Ewido again, but it found nothing.

I then, as stated, downloaded Avast, and it subsequently found the Toolbar.exe files and a swag of others.

This has now left me with asking a new question.

What's better than Avast and Ewido out there, as I prefer to have a one-in-all program that cleans everything and am sick of having to load multiple virii/trojan/malware programs to combat the crap that keeps loading onto my system?

Cheers :P

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What's better than Avast and Ewido out there, as I prefer to have a one-in-all program that cleans everything and am sick of having to load multiple virii/trojan/malware programs to combat the crap that keeps loading onto my system?

Cheers :P


A good firewall keeps all of that junk from getting on in the first place. I personally use ZoneAlarm Pro, keep it updated, and I never get anything, whether viral or spywaral(?).

And so that Tarun doesn't come over here and whoop me like a government mule, I should also mention that apparently Outpost Pro is an excellent firewall as well (although I've never actually used it). :)

Your pick, but either way, you're better off with a good firewall than with a good antivirus. A properly functioning firewall should basically render your antivirus/antispyware apps useless. I only do scans for viruses once a month, if that, and they always come up clean.

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  • Administrator

Rofl. You should really try Outpost Pro; you'll be amazed. They have improved the built in Anti-Spyware too. It actually catches stuff that WD, Ad-Aware, Spybot and ewido miss. :P

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Well, I got rid of Avast, Spyware Blaster and eTrust, as they kept bogging my system down and went and re-installed PcCillin Security Suite (I get it free being a Defence member) and noticed that TrendMicro also provides a spyware detector - Trend Micro Anti-spyware.

The spyware detector worked reasonably well, in that it identified 7 more items on my system that Ewido, eTrustAV, WinDefender, Spyware Blaster and Ad-Aware didn't detect!!!!!

However, be aware that once this program has loaded it is VERY resource hungry and at one stage froze my system. After having cleaned the 7 nasties it found I deleted the program as to me it seemed buggy.

And one last thing for you Mac users, TrendMicro now has a Housecall Beta available for you, located here --> Mac Beta <- The only thing with this is that it looks like you need to register to be able to use this.

Having said that, I've been a PcCillin user for over 5 years now and have had NO problems with it, except for it being slightly resource hungry and recommend it to those, who like, like having a one-in-all package.

Cheers :P

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