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Hallo Meine Br

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I'm Mangix. I am named after a Panda which makes alchohol and fights with a long stick. i come from the CCleaner forums because i saw the website in someone's link and i found out that many members there are also members here. so yeah that's pretty much it. i'm also thirteen and i love headbanging which is why i have a picture of Dimebag and Nergal in my profile. so yeah that's pretty much it.

also: punk.gifpunk.gifpunk.gif

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Welcome aboard, Mangix, we accept all kinds of lunatics. (Just look at lokoike. Ask him what hufu is...go ahead, just ask him).


good. and since you ensist...

Lokokie: what is hufu?


Ah yes, hufu...

Free samples for n00bs! :P (makes my mouth water just thinking of it)

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