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Found 7 results

  1. Windows 10 2004 has been stable so far! Only seen one minor bug.

    1. Tarun


      Issue has been fixed.

  2. I used to use Office 2007 for my Office suite software, though with Windows 10 I got Office 2016 and very much like it. I feel as though both Outlook and Word have greatly improved. This made me wonder, what software does everyone use for their Office suite?
  3. Scanning, sharing and creating files just got easier thanks to a handful of new Dropbox features. During a press event in San Francisco, the file-hosting and cloud-service company announced several additions to its software platform, particularly with its mobile app for Apple iOS. The most notable update includes document scanning through the Dropbox app, and the ability to create Microsoft Office documents directly from the app with a front-and-center "plus" button. "For individuals, we're simplifying workflows," Dropbox vice president of product and design Todd Jackson said. "For teams, we're unifying the workspace." Through their camera phone, users can scan and organize documents like sketches, receipts, printouts and Post-its. Similar apps provide this service for both iOS and Google Android, such as Evernote Scannable and CamScanner, respectively. With the feature natively built into Dropbox however, you can also search text and keywords within these scanned documents. View the full article
  4. Hey all, I have both 2003 Pro. Enterprise and 2007 Pro Plus disk sets. They are volume licensed for students and faculty. My question is: Does anyone know how many PC's they are allowed to be installed on? The version of office XP Por that I have I've installed on several PC's, no complaining from either Microsoft or Office. Thanks!
  5. I have always had trouble getting mail-merge (MM) letters created on my desktop at home to work when copied to another computer. It just happened again. The scenario goes like this: * Write query in MS Access (2000). * Create the form letter. * Use the MM toolbar to select the data source. * Insert fields When I run the MM letters, they work perfectly. I then take the letters to a client where the path to both the query and the letters is identical to what it is on my computer. However, the version of Office is 2003, not 2000. I get error messages that it can't find the DDE something or other, and a dialog box pops up with a button to "Find data source". I click it and it lists all the tables and queries from the correct database. Pick the query. Window opens ask me to pick the fields I want to use. Trouble is, none of the fields from the query are there. I'm not even sure where they're coming from. At one point, it asked if I wanted to remove the header information, which I did, then started all over again. Same result. I almost seems like you have to create the MM letters on the computer on which they're going to be used, else it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Okay, remember - please be patient with me, I'm not the most computer literate person in the world, lol. I just got an HP Mini 311-1037NR Netbook: Processor: 1.6GHz System Memory: 2 GB RAM Storage Hard Drive: 160 GB This is to be used when traveling - for email, surfing the net, and occasionally creating documents. I don't want to overload it, and I want to know if it can support Office Home/Business and itunes without slowing it down. Also, I'd like to get an external and very portable DVD/CD drive and have absolutely no clue what I need to look for or what brand is a good one to buy - any suggestions/tips would be appreciated. One other thing, I have an external hard drive that I use for backup for my laptop - I need to get a separate one to use for the netbook, right? After this I have some laptop questions which I will post in another thread, haha. Thank you!
  7. To help our members keep their Office suites up to date and secure, we are providing links to the Service Packs for each version of Microsoft Office. Need to check and make sure you have the latest service pack? Simply open any Office program and go to Help > About. Office 2013: Service Pack 1 (64 bit) | Service Pack 1 (32 bit) Office 2010: Service Pack 2 (64 bit) | Service Pack 2 (32 bit)
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