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Hi, Members

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Hi, I'm apart of many forums related to Computer/software. From my knowledge and years of experience with computers and Software, people and friends and even my GF, like to know me as Mr. Know It All. I for one think that as well. Being that as a child I learned about computers by my grandfather. I now know a lot more then what he does. I may not know all the coding and number stuff but I sure know how to fix computers and related Software Issues. I may come across a problem that IDK how to fix, "That's why I turn here"

I'm only 19yr old and live in Spring Lake, North Carolina. Currently in High school. Going into looking for a job in Computer repair or sales.

Glad to be here :P

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cool, alwase cool to see new faces.. or names on the left of the screen


ps - im going to tell you now that your gonna get a lot of crap for running opera and not FF


G'day New_Age, welcome to the forums and remember to leave your sanity at home whilst here :P

Take no notice of )corjello( there are other Opera users here, myself included, and at this stage I still prefer it over FF. Still uses less resources than FF and is still faster... punk.gif

Cheers :P

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