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Hello thar

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I'm jimmsta from MSFN.org, SomethingAwful, and OSBetaArchive. I came here because DJLizard's support forum is here.

I currently maintain a few projects, such as the Windows 9x Power Pack, which is a compilation of unofficial patches from the guys @ MSFN, as well as official patches from Microsoft.

I also maintain BHT, which is another compilation with a userbase of approx 10,000 people. It is free, and available for download from MajorGeeks.com. It is composed of antispyware, and antivirus tools, as well as various applications, and utils to get a compromised Windows system back to a useable state.

I'm also in the development stages of a lighter version of BHT, currently known as BHT-Mini. It is expected to be composed of a simple installer that downloads apps that the user wants on their system, as well as updates.

I tend to experiment with older OS's, and try to find ways to not break Windows while doing so.

I work in a computer shop, and am the head technician. (Mom and Pop-style shop). I've also designed the website for my shop (http://www.txnj.com/). I maintain the website, and web presence for that company.

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