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What type of network do you have at home?


What type of network do you have at home?  

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  1. 1. What type of network do you have at home?

    • Direct to the modem
    • Wireless 802.11A
    • Wireless 802.11B
    • Wireless 802.11G
    • Wireless 802.11 Draft/Pre-N

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i have a simple Linksys router and quite honestly the only reason why i bought it becouse it was on sale. now of course i'm wishing that i bought something a little more robust all the way around but oh well, so far i havn't had any problems with it.

Linksys aren't bad. I heard alot of good things about the Linksys WRT54G series.

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thats what i have is the WRT54G. i had kinda a issue while i initialy set it up but that was on the ISP side and not the actual router itself. i also recently revamp the wireless security settings making it WAP2 PSK or whatever it is and i also disabled the SSID broadcast.

and on a side note; i'm getting ready to post this sign on the street becouse there are a few networks that are open on my street and sometimes people will be setting in there cars at night stealing someones connection.


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