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CA Internet Security Suite 2007 - Anyone Tried It?

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I'm using it now actually, it seems to be doing really well, anyone else tried it?


EDIT: After some more testing I discovered that the Firewall is very weak. So I tried ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite, but that has a weak anti-virus. So I thought I tried Avast Pro, but the two conflict. So I'm back to what I had before, CA Anti-Virus and ZoneAlarm Pro!

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Be careful with it.

There are reports that CA AntiSpyware (the old Pest Patrol) can damage SpywareBlaster to the point that it rendered it inoperable. To track the issue see here.

JavaCool, the creator of SpywareBlaster, to date hasn't heard anything yet about a possible fix from CA. If you are experiencing problems then the only workaround at the moment is to disable the CA Anti-Spyware component, and reboot.

(Note: The newest version of CA Anti-Spyware causes issues with some other programs as well, because it tries to inject its code into other processes to hook various APIs.)

If anyone is experiencing a problem please contact CA support and pressure them to develop and release a fix. JavaCool would greatly appreciate it - sometimes having enough customers email over an issue does wonders for getting things done.

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