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Come to Butthead

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Hmmm, as long as I can be the Skipper, that way I can give the 'Gilligan' designate slaps upside the head when I'm feeling grumpy.

:ponders: Further to that, here's the list of the crew as I see it:

  • Gilligan: Tarun?
  • Ginger: ?
  • Professor: DJ
  • Skipper: MOI :love:
  • Marianne: Trish, TexasFilly, Krit
  • Mr Howell: CaPMan
  • Mrs Howell: UP, MPHandler (man I'm so gonna get it for this I can see)
  • Extra Cast: EVERYONE ELSE....... :)

Cheers :love:

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Dude! I want my own island! That would be awesome!


And being king or something on the island, royalty for life, have a golden crown and a golden wand, and some cool robe.

Have own laws; no death punishment, no patents, no censorship.

Open IT infrastructure. Data exchanged in open formats.

No gipsys.

Sharks with freakin' laser beams attached to their heads.

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