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Ma TriX 0978

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Yeah, its pretty cool. Its different from other cellphones.

Apple definitely did some innovating here and nice features.

Hopefully other cellphone manufacturers will be forced to make better phones now.

Seems Apple has some smart new ideas and concepts.

Though the camera is 2 mexapixel, it could be 3 mexapixel and have a built-in RSS reader and support for Jabber, SIP, Skype and VoIP and be a 3G phone.

Hope Apple release an update to it.

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you cant get everything eldmannen

True. Its sounds pretty awesome. Could be better though, but yeah its very good. :happybday:

Maybe in a couple of years, but then I will want an phone with an open source firmware, encrypted voice calls, encrypted SMS transfer, XM satellite reciever and a built-in video projector. :hello:

They may have smart new ideas and concepts, but apparently not a new name for this one - they're being sued by Cisco, who claims to have a copyright on the iPhone name: http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=4266&tag=nl.e589

Correction, Cisco has a trademark on the name "iPhone". You cant have a copyright on a name, copyright is only for works, while trademarks are for names.

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