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Request PLZ!

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Hi guys,

I have the iAudio F2 and I can't find ANY Background Images for my player. I've Google , looked over at Forums from COWON and can't find any good ones. Could someone that has good skills be willing to make Awesome Images? Image size HAS to be 128x160.

I would like something Dark. Maybe possible to make some COWON Images as well.

Thank to any who replies and helps.

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This one looks awesome. :happybday:

That one was easy to find. I llike the 3 Images with the tree blowing, grass and the snow. Looks awesome. I just can't wait for WOLFX2 to resize them. I wonder what he uses? Probably Photoshop or something similar.
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in this case we had to do a little more than just resize

we had to pick a "focal point" of the image to resize on.

Its kinda like when they make background music in movies, they cut out the parts of the song they don't like and keep what pertains to the scene in the movie. Most of the time, without the viewer noticing. Same principle here.

Thats just my 2 cents

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