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Computer Freezes


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I have an Acer V80M with a Pentium III 750Mhz Slot 1 CPU with 128MB of PC133 running at PC100 Speed

with an AGP Video card and a 6gb ide hdd

i installed nt4 on it and it runs fine

however when i put a PCI network card in it.

The computer will freeze once i use the network card like when i launch firefox

once frozen the computer wont do any thing and ill have to turn it off.

it froze when i put in a PCI video card as well

ive changed ram

ive changed hdd

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it had problems before nt4

ok ive dont some testing

i took at any PCI cards and disabled most of the onboard devices

win 2k

the setup frooze at configuring com+

win xp pro sp2

froze when copying blurbs.chm

winme /is

froze at 10% of copying files

win 95B /is /in

froze at the start of setup

win 95B /is /in /im /id /i?


s3trio64v2 pci video card

froze at the bios screen before it even displayed the enter the bios key

i restarted and it booted 95 had no driver but the computer hasnt frozen.

tungsten labs pci video card

booted 95, 95 had no driver, didnt freeze

shall try 98se, nt4, 3.1 and linux later

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  • Administrator

You may wish to try reinstalling Windows 2000 based on your system specs. You'll get a lot of the needed security and stability. If it freezes after Windows has installed and booting into Windows, yet is configuring; simply reboot and see if it keeps happening.

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maybe, if it works and it is the only option but i may not use it for very long

on the plus side it will boot fast


am editing to say that im browsing with firefox 0.91 on 95b and it hasnt frozen yet whereas before on nt4 it froze imediatly after lanching firefox 1.03

however i do wonder is there something different about the way 95 handles pci or is it to do with disabling stuff

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