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Limewire Pro

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I've installed the latest version for LimeWire Pro, scanned for spyware, nothing. Its clean. Try it yourself if you don't believe me.

Limewire might be present because people are downloading spyware by accident through limewire, like you can do with any p2p, it doesn't mean its the cause of it.


Version Tested:

Date Tested: 8/29/06

Requires Personal Information: No

Autoupdater: Yes

Autoupdates can be disabled: Forgot to check (sorry)

Ads In Program Interface: "Upgrade to Pro" nag screen when it loads. Otherwise, no ads.

Installs DRM: No

Third Party Bundles: No

Installation Log: limewire4.12.6.php


A lot of email has come in about LimeWire, saying that it had gone back to bundling with adware. I ran 2 spyware scanners, 2 rootkit scanners, a packet sniffer, a hard drive/registry monitor and HijackThis. Not a single hit for any sort of malware.


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My thoughts, like Taruns is avoid it like the plague it is.

I've also had a very Similar experience with cleaning computers with Limewire installed, pretty much every comp i clean has Limewire or some variant of it installed. The same follows for computers with Morpheus and Bearshare installed, but typically not as bad as the ones with Shareaza installed.

This may be due to mass malware sharing or malware bundled stuff on limewire, but like Tarun, I'd suggest something like Shareaza if you must P2P.

or stick with Torrents, though slower at times depending upon seeders, it's usually the best way to get what you want.

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As much as I love utorrent, I wanted a proper p2p, with loads of users. I finally decided to use Limewire pro, its very fast, and so many downloads. Thoughts?

As others have pointed out, steer away from P2P programs/sites if possible. Even though the P2P program MAY be free of malware, the majority of the files you get are not.

You stated that you actually use torrent, why not stick with it. I've been using uTorrent (like you have) after previously having used KazaaLite and have found the download speeds are markedly increased in the majority of cases.

My thoughts - stick with uTorrent.

Cheers :hello:

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Oh, I agree, P2P programs do have a lot of malware files that are available to download, however, LimeWire itself is not bundled with anything. I disagree that Shareaza is the safest, it is not better or worse than limewire. You just have to be careful, avoid exe files and compressed files.

Reason why I'm using it alongside torrents are because its faster for certain files, it has rarer stuff.

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