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Would you like to see a Wiki made? If so, would you use it?

I have considered transferring my PC Maintenance pages over to a wiki to make them easier to update. Thoughts?

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There are already thousands of wikis. Duplicating effort is to be avoided. Also, do you have any good goal for what the wiki should be about?

I think the Lunarsoft community is small, and that not much content would be added, and maybe that spambots would be a problem.

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You wouldn't want to open it up for just anybody to edit, I'm sure. If it would make it easier to keep it updated, great. We do have some very advanced users here who probably could contribute.

I doubt that I would - I've been registered on the Mozillazine Knowledge Base for a couple years, really meant to contribute (and there's a lot there that could use editing), but I've never gotten around to it. I'd have to spend a lot of time practicing in the sandbox before I'd be confident enough to actually do anything, and I don't ever seem to find the time.

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I've explored several options. There was even a Wiki that integrated into the forums, but it didn't have many useful features.

I've also been learning more about wiki formatting and a few other little things. Making the PC Maintenance page would be very useful as I could update it much faster than before. It will also be nice as a collection of FAQs could be added to the wiki.

I'd love to hear suggestions as to what people would like to see as FAQs, though I'll make a more formal post concerning that. Anyone else think a wiki may be useful?


You would always have your user page to play with. :hello:

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