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Broadband speed chart


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Interesting chart. Maybe a bit misleading. Korea, wonder if that refers to North or South Korea, people live in poverty there, maybe the Internet is fast in Kim Jong-Il's palace.

On the chart, Japan has the fastest Internet by far. They must have great Internet over there...

Sweden is ranked #4, we have great internet. 100 mbit down, 10 mbit up for 32€.

USA is a sucks country, where you pay huge sums for low-bandwidth internet.

USA invented the Internet, and they have sucks Internet, they even have worse than Poland and Belgium, hahaha. Luckily they have better than Hungary and Turkey, but if they don't improve, then maybe not for much longer...

If USA don't improve their internet, they will soon have worse than the Glorious nation of Kazakhstan!

And companies in in USA like AT&T come with dumb ideas, like remove the network neutrality of it so only rich peoples can compete. This goes against the will of Vint Cerf, the father of the Internet.

Yesterday, I downloaded Inkscape from SourceForge, it went transferring at 1600+ kbyte/s. It went so fast that I didn't even... well, I dont know... but trust me, it went fast!

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