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Anti-Malware Packages

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The contents of the packages contain what I recommend for general cleanup. Several of the programs are a one or two run type, such as AboutBuster and CWShredder.

The contents of the Professional package is mainly geared towards those who want to protect their computer and switch over to a more secure browser/e-mail client. I would package Comodo but not everyone uses/needs a firewall and I believe it may generate complaints, though it would be a step in the right direction.

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The one statement I agree with is what Ultimate Predator said, that it's a shame that so many anti-malware programs are needed to clean a machine.

It's not what you get with MS, it's what you get from malware writers and the programmers who develop the anti-malware applications. The anti-malware applications can only detect but so much due to the viral nature of malware and how their behavior.

The entire reason different programs are used is because no two programs detect the exact same thing. Each one detects certain parts of malware as they're all different companies and written. If there was one program that would detect everything, it would be included in the package and there wouldn't be a need for the others.

Malware is so common with Windows is because Windows is a mainstream operating system.

The 3 most popular operating systems worldwide are:

  1. Windows -- 96.72%
  2. Macintosh -- 2.70%
  3. Linux -- 0.36%

Now if you're a malware writer, you obviously want to be noticed. Thus you would write your malware for Windows. Why? Because it will be widespread to the majority of the world. It may get you noticed as having a successful piece of malware if it's on Linux or Macintosh, but you wouldn't get anywhere near as much attention if you had written it for Windows. Malware writers aren't going to waste their time and hard work writing malware for an OS where next to no one will even notice.

Also it is a common myth that running a limited account will prevent you from getting infected. Regardless if you run as Administrator or a Limited User, if you get infected it will spread. While it may have a bit more room being an Administrator, it can still quite easily spread on a Limited User account.

Don't blame Microsoft, they do an extremely good job when it comes to security for their OS. They are well known to many for having the best and fastest patch times to resolve issues. If a patch ever takes time it is because they go through Quality and Assurance to be sure that it will work and not cause any ill effects on an end user machine. Recently there have been several articles about Apple and how they have refused to patch known vulnerabilities, despite them being notified and posted to things like forums. Microsoft takes the time to look into the issue and has an extremely fast response time as well.

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Microsoft, extremely good job with security?

It wasn't before Vista that they started to have non-privileged user accounts by default where you can sudo/UAC when-needed to get elevated privileges.

Unix had it right in the 60's or 70's. :hmm:

They were also late with address space layout randomization, etc.

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Well, if they did include anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc Norton, McAfee, F-Secure, etc would probably complain about antitrust...

I think they should try to make things less secure. It would be the best thing in the long run.

Anti-malware is just a blacklist chasing the bad guys. Doesn't feel like a good solution...

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Tarun, I say death to all Malware writers. i had my fill my LAST pc was ruined by them even zombied they were powering it up by themselves. changed the name of my oponnent in command and conquer generals zero hour game no longer the cpu but an actual user name and they had all cheat codes for the game. when i finally put the thing my Pc out of its misery i had only internet left then i had no mouse cursor so like an idiot i go to myself hmmm, ill just reinstall the mouse but guess what no way to do it the whole operating system was fried. so after spending time and money i donated it to the garbage man and have better pc now and im so darn paranoid those idiots are ruining everyones fun. you tech wizards keep plugging away i need all the help i can get. thanks

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