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April 2008 desktops

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Have a Gillian Anderson picture I really like, but it's too small - if stretched enough to fill the screen, the quality is terrible. I expanded it as much as I could without totally ruining it, and gave it a wood-grain border matching the hardwood floor she's lying on, using The GIMP (learning to do more with it all the time). Screenshot taken, as always, with the WinSnap utility included in The Gimp.

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800x600, ouch...

You should get a bigger screen so that you can run 1280x1024. :D

Easy for you to say. I got no money... :hmm:

Aww! :(

You must have a 14" or something, I haven't seen anything that small in almost a decade...

800x600, ouch... oh well, at least it isn't 640x480... ;)

Hope you can get a hold of a new screen sometime...

Maybe a friend, have an old 17" in the basement that he can give you for free?

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Got a 17", actually - better than the previous 15", but still find any higher resolution causes too much eyestrain. :hmm:

Oh, 17" at least you can live with that.

I did... for a while. Now I have a 19" CRT, but I really want a 22" or 24" LCD.

Most people use 1024x768 on a 17" screen.

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