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Hello ! Everyone ! I'm Kenny~^^y

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Hello~I am Kenny ~ It was first time to post here~ Here is a good place can give some one helps. :D

I used Vista Home Premium~ ASUS A8 serial loptop.Vista blocking more than XP.I met some trouble :wave: ,wish can get the solution~thanks.

!.First is like others windows update before was OK. but after February have new update ,but always failure.(I searching knowledge + have solution but should loggin Administrator to run a commend(like Dos command) ????/rest -clean the update install record) XP I can used Administrator but Vista I don;t know how to do it! thanks for anser first!

2. At XP easy to look Network neighbors.but at vista is not.(at home is not ,at small office is not ,too . but at Big company have MIS was can see some computer near me)because some time I want to share some data for my partner .H can look my share folder .but I can not saw his computer ,even others.

But before I used XP is OK{ASUS W6 serial loptop (but It stolen by some one at france :D ~~Take care for your bag at Paris)

How can I setup at VISTA - Let I can saw the network each other!

thanks for you all help!

Best Regards


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