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AntiVirus 2008

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Hi Tarun

I was doing a web search when I received a message from spybot that the registry has changed - ITBARLayout -hex11,00,00,40,00................. Allow or deny.

I denied it but it keeps poping up. I did a google search and I suddenly received a warning from Antivirus 2008 that I had virus's on my system. No matter what I did I could not get rid of this.

It did a scan and then said if I wanted to remove these viruses I need to register at a fee!

This really p...ssd me off as I feel I am being pushed into something I don't want!

Do you know anything about ITBARLayout or AntiVirus 2008.

It keeps popping onto my screen whithout any prompting from me. How do I get rid of this as I did not install it?


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