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Fancy sounding name... Check!

Website featuring a smiling woman... Check!

Website has award from some magazine... Check!

It gotta be crap, lol. :jump:

PS. This post is not to be taken seriously.

PSS. It could have been worse, it could have had "Pro" or "2008" in the name. :)

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Crappy skinned user interface... Check!

"Upgrade Now" (i.e "Buy professional edition") button... Check!

Mention of "All Rights Reserved" ... Check!

Referring to software as "Products" ... Check!

Fear mongering ("PCs are under constant attack from viruses, spyware and identity theft.") ... Check!

(Most likely fake) customer testimonials... Check!

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  • Administrator

I've heard mixed things about it. A few people swear by it and others don't see a need for it.

If you rarely/never get a virus or other infection, I would really see no need for this.

They say you're not supposed to run two anti virus programs at the same time as they will fight for quarantine. I could see this program having/causing those same issues.

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It's supposed to be able to run alongside AV without problems, however...with Comodo BOClean, a similar type of app (though much simpler), I had major slowdowns running it with AVG Free 8.0. There'd been no problem with v7.5, though, I guess the anti-spyware in v8.0 was the difference. I wouldn't be surprised if Threatfire had similar problems - but you'd have to try it to find out if it can co-exist with what you're running.

I haven't actually tried it, but I looked into it closely, skimmed though the user guide - it looked like a PITA to me.

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After further review and expert opinions made by the staff here. I'm in total agreement it does appear to be it a PITA, I see less good comments and much more bad ones. It appears to be a power hog. I thank you for your valued opinion.

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