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People don't mind malware on their computers

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I don't think that people really mind having malware on their computers.

When you point out that they have a virus or spyware, they're like "oh, okay".

If you tell them to get a antivirus, they're like whatever, or "maybe later".

When you clean their computer and inform them that they had 1473 instances of malware, they're like "ok".

They don't seem to care.

I remember the last time I got a malware infection on my computer.

I clenched my fist and cussed like a drunken sailor. :)

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I think it's human nature (though it shouldn't be) and it tends to dominate through all (or most) fields of human behaviour. Overpopulation/polluting the planet, for a rather extreme example. As individuals, we might go "that's terrible" (and actually feel that to be so, but it's just in the "too hard" basket.

It's not until something starts to affect us directly that we want to do something about it, by which time, depending on the "something", it might be too late. (The gang has already taken over the 'hood; the lake is already poisoned; the high rise next door can't be stopped-it's too late; the daughter's already pregnant...etc ad nauseum)

The only times I've ever had friends actually worry about malware was because their computers had got to the point where they would barely work. (Although there are always that one or two that are actually concerned about the nasty www possibilities, most of them feel powerless to do much, 'coz 'pooters are sooo complex, so they prefer to just not think too much about it.)

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