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Forum board question

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On other forums the icon on the left is highlighted if I have not read a new post in in that forum.

Why does this forum not do that?

I have to check when I last logged on then look for posts after that date.

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  • Administrator

If I'm correct, you're referring to these icons:

They do work, though I'm not sure if it's due to sessions or cookies. I have heard reports of these issues on Invisions forums and they should be corrected when IP.Board 3 is out. :)

It may also be a theme issue, as this theme is from before the AJAX functions were added into the skins.

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  • Administrator

I'm excited about it too. They are going to have so many wonderful updates. Better BBCode, integrated SEO, easier modification additions, plugins... to name a few. :)

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SEO, aff I hate shady stuff...

Yeah we know, you hate everything except open source. :)

No, I like flowers too. :)

And comedy, humor, beauty, simplicity, symmetry, security, privacy, anonymity, minimalism. :)

I like nice scents, like vanilla. I like the wind. I like watch the stars. I like to walk alone at nights when its dark and silent.

I like cats, I like martial arts, and hugs.

But I sure do like free open source software, sharing, openness, transparency.

CEO seems a bit shady to me.

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