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Hey Tarun,

Was it just here in the US or did ya'll have have bunch of dummies waiting outside stores all night to buy the XBox 360?


I live in the US too, remember? I've read stories about people stealing XBox 360's from stores and stuff though.

One forum had some guy sayign Target "owned" him cause he waited all night but didn't get a premium XBox even though he had a ticket for one. Yet the store told him that he would get one with their next shipment, even let him have a regular XBox 360 to use and trade in when they get the new ones.

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well, the word on the xbox fan sites is that all of the launch titles are only using one core because it takes developers at least 2 years to harness the real potential of the consol. Just look at the huge improvment from say, halo 1 to halo 2 on the xbox. Its pretty insane. The 360 has 3 parrallel symetrical cores, so using one of them isnt really showing what it can do. :angry:


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