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What is this high pitched noise?


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Can anyone tell me what's going on:

This ultra high pitched noise started emanating from my computer a couple days ago... Kinda like the noise tube TVs make when they're on, just on the limits of what you can hear...

It's not overly loud, but it cuts in and out. It's really irregular, lasting anywhere from 1-5 seconds... I tried to pinpoint where it's coming from, but no luck... I know it's not the fan, that's about it...


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Older (more than a few years old) hard disks have been known to give off noises like you describe. That would be the first place I would look at & listen to.

Also, I suggest you turn your sound system off (or at least the loudspeakers) when you next hear it, just to eliminate the slight offchance that it is picking up HF interference or crosstalk.


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Does the sound persist after you turn off your monitor?

Try to unplug the power to your speakers, to see if that helps.

If you know about computer hardware and are confident, then you might want to try to unplug the powercord to the hard disk.

You might also want to check the fans.

Could it be a capacitor?

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