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Today at 5:35PM EST (+DST) the Anti-Malware Toolkit reached it's 100,000th download! Best of all, Anti-Malware Toolkit has not been out for a full year yet. The Anti-Malware Toolkit has come a long way since the beginning. It has changed both development languages, names, and layouts several times. Screenshots are below.

It's nice to know that there are people who are using the Anti-Malware Toolkit to fix their computers. Be it friends, relatives, or techs from near and far. Thank you to everyone who has donated and shown support for both Lunarsoft and the Anti-Malware Toolkit. It's one way we know for sure that people appreciate our hard work and efforts. :D



Development phase (Delphi):

Development phase (C#):

To what we are now:

Thank you everyone!

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It is the first thing I download when I am working on peoples computers. It just leaves me to venture elsewhere to get a couple more programs and I am good to go.

Actually, if you added the Filehippo.com Update Checker, JkDefrag and PureRa to it, then it would be my one stop place to get everything.

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