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Hurricane Katrina images

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I wouldn't be too concerned with the victims of Katrina ...They have better now than they did before the storm . punk.gif

As far as gasoline prices .... I try not to base my lifestyle on the ups and downs ... punk.gif

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Converted it:

$7.25 per gallon.


DownUnder for us it's $4.41 (AUD) per gallon (did a convert from liters) which would make it $3.29 (USD) per gallon.

After looking at that, this weekend just gone I've travelled (1,780kms = 1,106miles) which hurt the wallet at $238 (USD)........

I gotta stop travelling dizzy.png

Cheers :lol:

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You guys have it cheap.

Here in the UK we are looking at about 0.86 per litre (3.90 per gallon).

Which equals $6.75 USD per gallon or $9.02 AUD per gallon.


Hmmm, that's a hefty hit (near on double what we pay) but then again, if you were to have travelled the 1,780kms you'd near on have gone round England whilst I only travelled to and from one Capital city to the other.

Gotta find a way to shrink this place...... :lol:

Cheers :lmao:

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