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Looking for a trial registry cleaner!!!


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Regards to all, this is my first posting and I believe that you will be gentle to me. I am looking for a tool/software that can manage my system registry files. I know that I can get them online but I need to try them before I actually use them so that I can be sure of the results. I have read lot's of reviews and found out that currently, the best registry cleaner on the market is Digeus Registry Cleaner.

Any suggestions????

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Whatever tool you decide on remember to always make a complete backup of your entire registry before you make any changes!

With C Cleaner I have never needed to make any backup as the program has never intruded on any files -

If you follow the correct setup as Tarun describes you will not lose any information -

I find it just like running "delete browsing history" in getting rid of built up C##p that takes up space -

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Unlike noknojon, I have found that the registry cleaner component of Ccleaner (curiously titled "issues") has appeared to have caused problems, in that not all it finds is always an orphaned entry. I've had to reinstall programs as a result.

To be fair, this is a very infrequent occurrence, and I do not blame Ccleaner, but rather my own ignorance in allowing it carte blanche to clean everything it finds, without understanding it.

Ccleaner does by default make a backup of registry items cleaned. You should see the prompt when attempting to clean them. Check within the program settings to be sure it is enabled.

(Hint: learn a bit about and understand what you are about to remove from the registry, before changing anything, either manually, or using an automated program.)

Ccleaner is one of the "tamer" of the registry cleaners, and is a very useful file cleaner, its main function.

Another reg cleaner I've had very few problems with is TweakNow. This has proved very reliable.

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Thank you Tarq - Point well taken -

I should have replied "has never intruded on any of my files so far" -

Over several years I must have had the settings right, as I was shown the program by a technician who fixed my last computer -

Regards -

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Hint: learn a bit about and understand...before changing anything, either manually, or using an automated program.

This is the difference between most of us in these tech forums versus those who come in for a bit of help. We are our own builders, techs and repair

person so we do these things by default but many folks rely on the hopes that the software they run is infact smarter than they are - and we know in

many cases it isn't. It is not a big deal if we should screw something up, we are prepared to reinstall if need be but for others it may mean unplugging

everything from the box, throwing it in the car and heading off to the local ABC Computer store and getting what likely will be a good hosing.

I would hate to know I might have been partially responsible for it.

If you've forgotten what a hassle registry issues can be Read This Post! from earlier this morning.


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I've also used jv16 PowerTools for dealing with registry cleanups, along with the last free version of Auslogics Registry Defrag.

I too can say I have seen CCleaner's Issues registry cleaner cause problems. So I always make backups and use System Restore too.

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