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Just re-read the whole of that anything goes topic on ccleaner, what a topic that was, 206 posts spanning 11 pages.

Every forum should have one. :)

Just in case anyone wonders what I am on about this is it.

I sometimes go to a UK forum for people interested in car mechanics, which has loads of topics like that, although not quite as long.

I like the screenshot Tarun posted:

I notice there is a Cupid Stunt about half way down, why didn't I think of a nickname like that. :D

I certainly don't regard the posts in that topic as spamming, it was more like the general chit chat you would experience when mates get together.


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noway.gif Nope, I'm not.

I was earlier, I went to my sisters for my nieces birthday, but only had a couple of beers there, now I am safely tucked up in doors, my wifes asleep, my daughters asleep, my boys are watching TV, and I am on the computer, (it is just coming up to midnight, so i guess I have a couple of hours left, and then that is it until tomorrow).

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Not really Off Topic, because there isn't one, more a change of topic.

I was watching Jonathan Ross on TV earlier, well yesterday actually, because it is now the early hours of the morning.

He was talking to Louis Theroux, and the conversation turned to cats somehow, not sure how, I missed that bit.

Anyway, Louis was talking about how he was stroking his cat (male), and noticed it had six teats just like a female cat, whilst he was stroking the teats he noticed them getting harder, at which point Jonathon, quickly added "you did stop, didn't you?", or something similar.

Louis replied "no, I carried on until he completed", kind of tactful, the way he put it.

Jonathon then said something along the lines of "I bet he was a happy cat", hey....hang on.... this should be on DJ's forum.

BTW, don't know why I bought this up, just seemed apropriate for a topic that is not actually a topic, that was all but dead until earlier, (yesterday).

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It's too quiet on Lunarsoft lately. :(

BTW, all that talk about marriage and fantasies etc, on ccleaner, was just me being a sucker for a pretty girl, which is probably the thing my wife most hates about me.

Although in her eyes, if I talk to another girl, I am flirting. argue.gif

In my eyes I am just being friendly. :Dhump.gif

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Yeah, it has been way too quiet.  People are afraid to post I think.


Oh well, I might have a problem to post about soon, depends how I get on with it in the meantime.

Might not even get the chance to look at the computer in question until Friday though.

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G'day Folks, :lol:

stumbled on in and seeing it's anything goes, it's a balmy 23ºC here and it's nearly Beer O'Clock beer.gif in time for the weekend  punk.gif



It's nowhere near 23ºC here in London, it is about 16ºC, it is almost 4pm, I have 2 hours left at work and about five and a half hours to beer time. beer.gifbeer.gifbeer.gif Can't wait. ;)

So you are from the beautiful Down Under, where the Sheila's are just as beautiful.

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