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Finally upgraded to Windows 7


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I just finally upgraded from Windows XP to 7.

I didn't do it earlier because I didn't have any license, didn't want to buy one, and didn't want to pirate it, and I really didn't care since I didn't use Windows anyways, since I moved full-time to Linux.

Still had Windows XP on my second hard disk though, even though I never really boot it. Well, except that time I upgraded my Android phone from 2.3 Gingerbread to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich.

Two weeks ago I was able to get a genuine Windows 7 copy through MSDN for free, so I finally upgraded. :)

I guess it was finally time for me to upgrade from this decade old operating system. ;)

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I like it. It's a drastic upgrade from Windows XP.

It's pretty, its nice on the eyes, the font rendering is comfortable. The wallpapers are nice,

I like that it has DirectX 11 and can play the latest games.

As a web developer, I like that it has IE 9 which is much better than IE8 even though I do prefer Firefox.

I also like that it has UAC, even though it annoys me because sometimes when I install stuff I notice the installer gets stuck, then I see that UAC shield icon blinking down in the taskbar. Or I cant click anywhere, then I notice that icon down in the taskbar. I think it should more aggressively steal focus.

I am not too found of the Ribbon UI, but maybe its something that takes more time. I don't like that upgrades gets installed on top of each other instead and that the WinSxS folder keeps growing and growing.

I like the stuff under the hood such as UAA, WDDM, etc.

I definitely prefer Windows 7 over Windows XP. It is much more modern and nicer.

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