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Hi all.  I wasn't sure where to post ths because I have Windows 8.


I have games that I can't play on Windows 8, so I want to install an older version of Windows on the same PC.  I know I'm supposed to be able to play older programs on Windows 8, but that hasn't worked for these games...or actually for any program I've tried so far.


I got a copy of Windows 95, downloaded and installed Virtual Box, set up a virtual machine, and inserted my disk.  But it said "Fatal:  No bootable medium found.  System halted."


As a test, I exited Virtual Box and clicked on SetUp on the Windows 95 cd as though I was going to install it without Virtual Box.  It said, "This app can't run on your pc."


Any advice?



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You have to point the VM to the location where the OS is located. It's been several years since I used Virtual Box, so I couldn't remember the exact procedure off the top of my head, but a quick search found this page: http://superuser.com/questions/69202/virtualbox-fatal-no-bootable-medium-found-system-halted


I only used ISO files in Virtual Box, myself. You could make an ISO from your Win95 disk, many CD burning programs can do that. They're said to load faster than a CD.

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