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system backup ?'s

Monkey Proof

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What, just System Restore? If so, go to All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore - Create a Restore Point.

However, System Restore isn't perfect, and if you're playing with the registry (as another one of your posts indicates), I would right click on the subkey you're about to change/delete and select Export, then call it what you want. That way if something goes wrong, you just double click on that back-up and it'll restore that subkey to how it was when you backed it up.

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I am also interested in a reply to this. Preferably with an answer that can be understood by a 5 year old so I have no trouble following the instructions!


oops, meant to quote hazlenut, not mphandler. :cuddle:

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I think some of the things I would like to know are,

1. can I do it with xp and a dvd or do I need a prog. download.

2. what can I backup, music photos, setup exe's. ?

3. If I manage to make one, how to I put the things back from the disc ( drag and drop? )

Is another ( better alternative?) to use a usb flash drive/memory stick, and keep what I need on there.

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I'm sure I asked something similar to this, but I can't find the thread.

Anyway, if I remember right, Tarun suggested nlite, but I never got round to doing it.


That's for making an ISO/CD of Windows, for a clean/fresh install.

You can use XP's lame software to burn cd's or DVDs for data backup; other programs such as EasyCD Creator, Nero's stuff can make data backups.

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In my desperate search to get one of the famed "butterflies" to give me an msn live invite, I stumbled across one of microsofts betas which allow you to make selective backups. The beta is called windows onecare live; I never got around to testing its backup capability but the other scans ran smoothly and I recommend you guys to give it a try and tell everyone what you think about it.

In regards to the question at hand, I believe onecare does have backup capabilities but I'm not sure if they're any more improved from the built-in system restore program.

Oh yeah, just adding this on, I know Nero, your favourite burning utility (or at least mine anyways) has a program built in called Nero Backitup which I heard is quite a nifty little program, but once again I myself have never backed up my system, just important files.

Your friend,


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I am not sure the original question MPHandler asked was answered , but IMHO backup onto a CD , DVD is better ,more room on media , using the backup program that came with WinXP..or another backup software..Nero..ex..

To use the system backup goto:


I used this backup on my old Win98 OS and did just fine to backup on my C drive but I never backed up on a CD ...Not sure it will do this....Worth a look though...

However I have Nero on my new system w/WinXP and I will use this as a backup media when the time comes...I would not recommend the System Restore for backup because it only RESTORES to a certain point....and does not actually backup on CD or DVD.......

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