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So many guests

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lol that was funny. wonder if it was 55 diffrent people or someone with 55 instances of their internet browser open.

*EDIT* just did a simple test... and it was 55 diffrent people.. if you run multiple instances it only shows you as "guest" once... why 55 people all decided to come at once.. is a mystery.

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Bio's first theory has reminded me of something.

If I log on with one of the computers at home, then go on one of the others, it doesn't show me as being logged on.

Anyone know why?


I'm guessing here, but I believe it's the way Tarun has set the cookie settings for this board.

Cheers :P

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@ Senuty

No it can't be cookies,

what I'm actually saying is, I have three computers networked, so if two of my kids signed up to Lunarsoft and logged in on their computers and I logged in on mine, then we should be able to see that each other is logged in but we wouldn't.


In a second I will post this reply, 10 seconds later I could be at one of my kids computers, if I get Lunarsoft up I won't be there, but I will walk back to my computer and I am there.

It is not really an issue, but I was curious.

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