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January 3, 2006

I joined this GREAT site on October 19, 2005 and since then I've made a few wonderful and everlasting friends. It saddens me that I'll be gone for awhile but hopefully not that long. I'll try to get back before March but if not, know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Funny how I think about each and every one of you whether I'm at work, home or just driving down the road. Funnier still, is when I think of you individually ya'll pop up in my mind looking just like your avitars! LMAO Well, what else do I have to go by? Just glad and it's comforting to know Cappy is NOT the "smoking baby" :D But now that TONGUE!!!! I CAN imagine that ;) LMAO

Tarun you've been the best of Hosts and I'm so proud of the way you take care of everything here. And I really appreciate all your thoughtfulness in everything you do.This will go far and I've seen it grow so much in the short couple of months that I've been here. Take care. (I know you will)

RR, you've been a BIG help to me and Thanks to you, I'm now a member of the ONLY forum I've ever really stayed at. (I think it's the BEST One) :D Also for your time and going far and beyond the call and HOURS of duty to help me out.


Thanks for the laughs and sexy inuendos and keeping me going technically and mentally in the last short months. You've been a real trooper. Thanks for your Friendship

Sniper, Thanks for your help in so much and saving me money next time I buy DELL ONLY crap........errrrr stuff. Also Thanks for being a good friend! Your sexy inuendos were a nice touch too. Maybe you, Cappy and I can have a 3-some when I return!!!! LMAO Just joking ya'll!!!

MP, you take care of Trish (like I have to tell you) and Thanks for all the LATE night Chat!!! You've been a fun one too.

Syn, Djlizard, Lordoftheweb, and Cory, and everyone else, ya'll have been great, I've not gotten to know you as well as the ones above but I think about ya'll too. Be good and safe. Dj, I'll get the REAL mirc when I get back :P

Everyone take care of each other for me. It's gonna be tough for me being away. I'll try to pop in every now and then but I'll be so busy working and taking care of my animals that it prolly won't be often.

I love you guys!!!!


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*wipes the tears away*

you make it seem like you are leaving us forever, stop that right now. it's only for a month. and besides, January always fly by. before you know it you will be back and making us laugh again. yes the forums will seem a little empty of your absense but keep in mind that we all will be looking forward to your return. be safe at and care

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Until you return......


OH HAZEL!!!! I did what I hoped not to do, and that's left a name out!!!! Believe you me, I am truely sorry!!!!! You fall right in there with CAPPY, I've just not seen you lately and Senuity you too buddy!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dang it!!!! Well ya'll I think of too and Thank God I found out before the computer left me. It's going in about 15 minutes. I would have been driving down the road and thought about it when I pray for all my friends and FAMILY. I'm so sorry. But at least I got to tell you before I'm gone. I love you two tooooooo!

MP, I know it feels like I'll be gone forever and ever. I'll BE back! :P So looook out! LMAO


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