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first time connection


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My sister-in-law has just got a brand new computer, ( her very old one packed in suddenly) and will be getting her broadband connected in about a week.

I have got a usb thumb drive with various up-to-date setups on for virus and malware.

She wants Avg, and ad-aware on although I'm trying to talk her round to e-trust.

My questions are,

1. Is there a recommended order for putting things on and updating for that first time connection to internet?

2. If I can talk her round to e-trust, is there a way I can get the key for her as she has no e-mail setup yet.?

3.Can I use that autoupdater to put all windows updates on?

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  1. I would follow the PC Maintenance guide regardless if it was the first time for the computer or not.
  2. You could try mailinator.com
  3. AutoPatcher XP will help you apply the updates, though be careful when applying.
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