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Someone keeps stealing my letters!


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This is amazing. its a complete time waster but is so much fun, check it out


Tarun, is there anyway you could go to the goodie section and use their code to add a refridgerator to lunarsoft? like add a little subpage so we can have some fun (under the Lunarsoft Menu on the main page)?

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autoit script = p***es people off =P

made a script that read to see where a letter was by determining every 3rd pixel's color.. if it was white leave it alone, if it wasn't white put it in the lower left corner.. ended up to where if anyone took a letter and moved it within a second it was back in the lower left =P

after about 5 minutes of it.. the room went from 26 people to 1... lol

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hey now, dont hate on me. Most of you guys are basically flawless when you type, im decent and thats about it. Im too used to instant messaging where no one cared. Im trying, but its a slow process, lol. My spelling is horrible and i have no idea why. I read as a hobby and am in Honors English, so i should be pretty good right? Also, i let capital letters slide by, too much work to reach my pinky over there. haha


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