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CCleaner v1.28 - Released

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CCleaner v1.28 was released today. It does include the toolbar, so you will need to uncheck the box if you choose to download. I don't know if MrG will release other builds, or not. He isn't saying.

CC 1.28

It's 1,408KB in size. :P

EDIT: All 3 builds were just officially released. Yeah! No toolbar. ;)

EDIT: Well. This forum is a ghost town today. This is my 3rd edit and no one has seen it.

It's for the best because... The download for the slim build says v1.28, but the installer is v1.27. So, that's that.

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Yeah that's crap.  Just like the cleaner is turning into.


Alot of people are beginning to feel that way. It's part of the reason that I've been playing around with so many other cleaners lately. CCleaner v1.27 was way too jacked up, and for no reason.

My serious concern is from MrG not informing anyone about the toolbar. It still isn't listed anywhere that it's bundled in. I'm not a fan of lying, and lying by omission is even worse. It makes him look shady.

Oh well, I've moved on. :eyeroll:

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I'll tell you what's really bulls**t! The fact that when you go to the 'Other Builds' section on the website, and click for the slim version of 1.28, you get 1.27 instead! That isn't forgetfullness, that isn't a mistake, THAT IS TOTALLY ON PURPOSE, AND IT IS A CROCK OF SH*T!

Let us review:

First, MrG puts in a toolbar that no one wants, suggests, or likes. Then, when he finally does make a basic/slim version that people actually want, he hides them, so that most of the "16 Million" downloaders end up with the Yahoo! Version (including my g/f :angry2: )! And now, he is mislabeling his own product on purpose!!

What is the deal?! My predictions about CCleaner pulling farther and farther away from the users appears to be turning into a reality far faster than I assumed it would. I wouldn't be surprised if MrG starts making the basic/slim links point to the Yahoo! Build!

This is just miserable.

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CCleaner is still a good program - and you can get "slim" and "basic" versions of 1.28, they were just a little late to be released. Though this toolbar business sucks, it's still the best cleaner for routine use. I also use EasyCleaner, not as convenient or as safe (don't use it's "Duplicates" scan!), but it finds some stuff CCleaner misses: http://personal.inet.fi/business/toniarts/...ne.htm#download

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I use HDCleaner too, but I wouldn't recommend it to an inexperienced user. It finds about everything - including some stuff that's not safe to delete. It's much more manual, too, not easy to use at all. I was able to root out some deeply buried junk with it, but I don't use it often.

And, you're welcome. :P

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